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Have PAD sync to .txt file in dropbox (or similar)

A plugin or etherpad functionality that will sync to a plain text file via a service like Dropbox (or equivalent)?

Conceptually just thinking this functionality would just do continually/perpetual 'exports' of a 'txt' file to a Dropbox location. (that is, only when the etherpad is modified)

theoryshaw, 24.03.2013, 00:53
Idea status: completed


daniel, 12.09.2013, 23:43
This is a very good idea. Maybe a simple way to do this will be periodically providing the full text as a RSS. This can then update a txt file in a dropbox using tools like IFTTT or hootsuite, or by coding ourselves a way to retrieve periodically the RSS produced by the specific pad.

So providing RSS feed of a pad (with a single feed which gets periodically updated with the pads content) could be enough and quicker to develop.

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