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Add password protected teamsites just like in original etherpad.

emil , 24.03.2013, 02:41
Response from the site administrator
johnyma22, 30.05.2020
ep_mypads and other various plugins exist to provide password management! :) Check the plugins!
Idea status: completed


N., 11.04.2013, 20:03
If you're waiting for this feature, you can use Etherpad-Lite-Frontend, which is a small PHP app able to create public or private pads in Etherpad Lite : https://github.com/neurolit/etherpad-lite-frontend

Screenshots are available here : https://github.com/neurolit/etherpad-lite-frontend/wiki/Screenshots
lukasrichardson, 03.05.2013, 18:42
Hi there,

johnyma22 says: "The community is working on an open source Team pad alterrnative however [...]."

So I'm as developer can contribute code to this feature?
Where can I find more information?


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