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Severe connectivity problems

Not exactly an idea, but an observation: this wonderful little system of yours suffers from really bad connectivity / update problems every now and then. I mean I've tried updating just few words on one pad literally 30+ times with no luck. I can load the page just fine, make the changes - but after a while I'm getting the disconnected message, and when reloading the page I can see none (not a single one) of the changes I made went through.

I'm a developer myself and do understand the challenges. Unfortunately I'm not able to provide you with more detailed bug reports at this time; I'm way too busy with couple of other projects. Etherpad does look extremely promising to me and I will keep using and promoting it, but also hope you'll be able to locate and fix the reason behind this glitch I'd call a bug. =)

Jyri , 03.07.2013, 00:07
Idea status: completed


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