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A more fine granular way to grant Pad access

In Etherpad:
* Each Author has his Group
* All Pads belong to Group
* Access to a Pads is given through a Group access

See: http://etherpad.org/doc/v1.4.1/#index_overview

* Possibility to access all Authors Pads if an access is given to a Pad.

* Only and only the Pad shared can be accessed.
* If we go there, maybe wise to have smarter permission engine - can_read, can_write...

This is no simple job I guess, as it shakes the fundamentals of how the authorization works in Etherpad (http://etherpad.org/doc/v1.4.1/#index_overview).

tiblu , 23.10.2014, 07:55
Response from the site administrator
johnyma22, 30.05.2020
The API now supports various methods for pad ownership and various plugins exist to provide this functionality :)
Idea status: completed


tiblu, 23.10.2014, 07:57
Forgot to mention the original feature request in GitHub - https://github.com/ether/etherpad-lite/issues/1574

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