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Etherwiki mode

Make it easy to turn the etherpad to etherwiki. Inspiration can be taken from docuwiki for example. First steps can be really easy like:
* make a button which would turn selected text into wiki link (link to pad with the name equal to the selected text.
* make it easy to change the wiki link to something else then the link text
* allow mode where the people can edit different pages, yet, have the same chat - i.e. when a participant "browses out" of the current pad s/he can still be able to chat with others.
* maybe show the page a user is browsing beside his name in list of participants
* ....

gorn , 23.12.2014, 23:44
Idea status: under consideration


Biep, 02.08.2018, 07:12
I really miss the possibility to "push" a set of paragraphs into a page of its own, thereby helping the Etherpad remain organised.
And right-clicking on a participant should offer the option "jump to the page this person is on".

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